How Early or Advanced-Age Rhinoplasty in San Diego Can Affect Lives

Age plays a crucial role in any cosmetic surgery. A person may be too young for the procedure, or too old that multiple surgeries are required to achieve natural-looking results. Take, for instance, a rhinoplasty in San Diego. An early or advanced age definitely impacts the nose job, especially its results. Continue reading

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Facial Rejuvenation from San Diego Facelift Surgeons Safe, Says Study

People who search for worry-free ways to make an aging face look and feel younger can now breathe a sigh of relief. Experts have proven that total facial rejuvenation can safely do more than just a facelift. As reported in the, studies have proven that the three-pronged procedure yields positive results with no harmful side effects: Continue reading

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Getting Rhinoplasty in San Diego Must be Only about Improving Yourself

Celebrities getting cosmetic procedures to improve various parts of their bodies has become standard fare for entertainment outlets the world over. Given their place in society as role models, it’s no wonder that when a celebrity announces they’ve had rhinoplasty in San Diego, many people aspire to do the same. Continue reading

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Before Getting a Facelift in San Diego, Consider Your Motivations

Looking good is everything in a world that values appearance above a lot of other attributes. It’s no wonder then that getting a facelift in San Diego has become somewhat commonplace. However, if anyone decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it’s always best for them to consider their own motivations for doing so before committing to the process. Continue reading

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Three Pointers on How to Prepare for a San Diego Facelift Procedure


There are many reason you’d want to have a facelift. contributor Kristen Houghton shares her insight on why she will undergo said cosmetic procedure sometime in the future.
Continue reading

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Getting Rhinoplasty in San Diego for the Treatment of Nasal Injuries


Some people believe that one’s nose plays a critical role in his or her attractiveness. United Kingdom’s Daily Mail writer Kelly Strange reports on the recent experience of Owen Cheshire, a young Mensa member who was so dissatisfied with how his nose looked that he decided to get a nose job.
Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

When considering facial plastic surgery, it’s important to find a surgeon who will focus on bringing out the best in your appearance without compromising your individuality. Whether you are considering a traditional facelift or a nonsurgical enhancement, the most important decision you will make before your surgery is your selection of a plastic surgeon.

Board Certification

Many patients skip a vital step before surgery: verifying a surgeon’s qualifications and professional affiliations. In addition to standard state medical licensure, look for certifications from the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery. These institutions stand behind their certified members, and membership demonstrates the completion of comprehensive plastic surgery training along with demonstrated knowledge of plastic surgery techniques.

Beware Upselling

When interviewing potential plastic surgeons, be wary of doctors who surprise you with a laundry list of additional recommendations for treatment. While it’s true that a quality surgeon may suggest complementary procedures when they are safe and in line with your individual goals, trying to sell you on a tummy tuck when you’ve come in to discuss a facelift is more than likely a red flag. The best plastic surgeons may inform you of additional options that may further enhance your appearance, yet do so without trying to convince you that you need a variety of extra surgeries.

Do Your Research

If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track. There is a wealth of information available online, as long as you make sure you’re consulting credible sources. Look for article, blogs and posts from board certified plastic surgeons about the procedures you are considering.

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Can Facial Implants Help You Look Younger?

Though we’re undoubtedly grateful that gravity keeps our feet on the ground, we’d all prefer if it didn’t exert such a downward pull on the rest of our bodies, especially the face. Today’s many advances in cosmetic procedures offer a number of treatments to help counter that gravity-induced sunken look through the mid-face that can add years to your appearance. Whether you seek to add fullness to the cheeks with implants or a mid face lift, facial contouring can bring your features into harmony while taking years off your appearance.

Cheek Implants

Throughout history, a familiar depiction of youth and beauty has been the angelic face of a rosy-cheeked cherub. We associate full, lifted cheeks with a more youthful appearance. If you’re concerned that your facial features look gaunt or your cheeks lack definition, implants may be an excellent solution to restore fullness or create dimension in naturally flatter cheekbones. The ideal candidates for cheek implants will see more balance among their facial features and enjoy improved proportions among forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

Mid Face Lift

Performed as part of a full face lift or on its own, a mid face lift (sometimes called a cheek lift) repositions soft tissue in order to create a more youthful, lifted appearance through the cheeks. Requiring less surgical and recovery time than a full facelift, a mid facelift tightens and lifts facial skin and tissue over the cheeks. By focusing this area with surgery or implants, surgeons can better fight the effects of gravity and help to turn back the hands of time.

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The Most Important Part of Your Face

174566773Have you ever noticed how one crooked picture frame can make a whole wall look off-kilter? By adjusting that single frame ever so slightly, the whole wall is brought into balance. This is the principle behind facial contouring surgeries: by finely adjusting the contours of certain facial features, your entire face can be transformed.

The most important part of your face isn’t any one single feature. It’s how all your features work together in harmony, reflecting the beauty that is uniquely yours. The best plastic surgeons will consider the full picture, not just one feature at a time. In my practice, I use cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, facial fillers, eyelid surgery and more to ensure that individual aspects of your facial structure complement each other.

The Nose

A prominent or crooked nose can define the face, even when the rest of a person’s facial features have a good balance and shape. Rhinoplasty surgery can reshape the nose and resize it to better suit your facial proportions. Symmetry is a crucial element of facial aesthetics, and rhinoplasty can be an excellent solution to the problem of an overly large, crooked, or misshapen nose.

The Chin

The size of your chin is another important component of facial harmony. If you feel self-conscious about a chin that is either too noticeable or recessive, chin reshaping helps balance the facial features and maximize beauty. I often have patients who benefit from a combination of rhinoplasty and chin reshaping.

The Eyes

The eyes are a center point of expression and attention. Facial aging can cause sagging skin above the eyes and bags below the eyes that make a person seem tired, dull or even upset. A bright, vibrant eye can go a long way toward ensuring that a person looks healthy and youthful.

The Cheeks

Cheek enhancement can pull the whole look together by changing the shape or position of cheeks. I use implants and fillers to add fullness to sunken cheeks; a mid face lift is another option for restoring fullness and correcting sagging through the cheek area.

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Introducing Your New Look for the New Year

112040893It happens every year: as New Year’s Eve approaches, we struggle to come up with resolutions we can actually keep. Many of my patients resolve to take better care of themselves in the new year, and an important part of feeling better is looking great too. There are a number of nonsurgical cosmetic options like JUVÉDERM® facial filler and BOTOX® Cosmetic available to improve your appearance quickly and with little downtime.

Minor Procedure, Major Transformation

Nonsurgical alternatives to traditional facelift surgeries can leave your skin with a smoother, younger appearance. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, your friends may wonder how you actually turned the clock back.

Injectable fillers like JUVÉDERM® can deliver impressive results. These fillers reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles, restoring a more refreshed look to your reflection. BOTOX® helps prevent the further development of dynamic wrinkles and creases that occur because of repeated facial muscle movement. When used together as a liquid facelift, these products can take years off your age without surgery, giving you a rejuvenated look that is more subtle than a surgical facelift yet still very effective.

A Resolution You Can Keep

If you’re tired of looking tired, there is an array of nonsurgical alternatives to a full facelift that can leave you looking revitalized, renewed, and ready to start the New Year fresh. It’s far too easy to get overwhelmed by life’s many responsibilities while neglecting your own needs. This year, resolve to be kinder to yourself by giving yourself the gift of looking better. With excellent nonsurgical alternatives to more traditional facelift surgery, it’s now easier to combat those telling signs of aging.

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