3 Factors in Cosmetic Surgery Costs

At our San Diego cosmetic surgery practice, we are very open with our patients about absolute transparency of cost when it comes to the bottom line for their surgery. Not all plastic surgeons are quite so clear. Here’s a closer look at the three basic cost factors that contribute to the total cost of your surgery.

Surgical Fee

The surgical fee is the doctor’s portion of the total bill, and represents the costs of insurance fees, maintaining the practice, staff salaries and other expenses related to running the practice. Each plastic surgeon in the La Jolla area sets his or her individual fee, and these will usually vary from surgeon to surgeon.

Anesthesia Fee

Many patients forget that their anesthesiologist is a doctor too, and one who also charges a fee. This price will vary depending on the type of anesthesia (general, regional or local), as well as other technical issues and the length of the surgery itself. This fee is usually determined in part by the anesthesiologist, as well as by the surgeon and the facility.

Facility Fee

Finally, the facility fee covers additional charges like medical materials used during surgery (sterilization of equipment, gauze, medications, etc.) as well as any other costs associated with running a surgical facility. The facility fee also includes the cost of implants or other specific materials needed for your cosmetic surgery.

Hopefully understanding the three primary contributing factors of your surgery cost will help you decipher your total. If you find a much lower price from another surgeon, be sure to ask if all three of these fees are included.

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