Arm Lifts Enjoying New Popularity

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) just released new statistics showing that arm lifts in women have gone up over 4000 percent in the last decade. I’ve seen this trend locally myself within the San Diego plastic surgery community. What’s made arm lifts and liposuction in the upper arms so popular?

Style Influences

The influence of celebrities on ideal body appearance is huge. When surveyed, women state that they admire First Lady Michelle Obama’s toned arms more than any other celebrity, followed closely by Jennifer Aniston. Both of these women regularly appear in photo opportunities boasting sleeveless fashions that accentuate their upper arms even more. Accordingly, those same sleeveless styles are very popular these days in clothing stores, inspiring more women to get their upper arms in shape.

The Procedure

During an arm lift, I make an incision along the back of the arm, along the inside where it will be most hidden against your body. Next, I remove excess fatty tissue, and often incorporate liposuction for more fine-tuned results. Any lax muscles are tightened back together and stitched in place. Finally, the skin is redraped over the new framework of your upper arm, and any excess is removed for smoother, slimmer results that will show off your muscle tone.

While I can’t promise that an arm lift will allow you to have sculpted arms exactly like the First Lady’s, an arm lift is a procedure that can make a big improvement in how your upper arms look, and, more importantly, in how you feel about yourself.

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