Be Prepared: What to Consider Before a San Diego Facelift or Nose Job

Getting a facelift in San Diego as in many cosmopolitan cities may be a customary thing among certain demographics. However, though the practice is increasingly becoming more common, any surgical procedure is approached beforehand with serious talk of care and preparation for it. To make an informed decision whether or not to undergo cosmetic surgery, Dr. Phil, in his recent article for Huff Post, suggests asking yourself some questions to find out whether your reasons are valid enough to warrant the change.

Plastic Surgery

What do you expect in terms of the surgery itself and the recovery period? What do you think will happen if the surgery is a success? What will change in your life? Think about the end result before you take such a drastic step. Will it really solve what you hope it will?

It is important to know what you expect out of your surgery, so you won’t end up being disappointed by the results nor regret your decision after some time has passed. If you’re thinking of undergoing surgery because of relationship troubles or personal issues, it may be better to undergo counselling instead. Surgery isn’t a quick fix for most personal or psychological problems, and may, in fact, even make things worse for you. Go into cosmetic surgery with eyes wide open, certain of your reasons, and it’s likely you won’t have to regret your decision.

If you’ve resolved to go forward with the procedure, do your homework. Select the right surgeon for the procedure that you want. It is better to trust yourself to a cosmetic surgeon who has established himself (or herself) in his field with years of experience and a history of successful procedures. Many people, for instance, go to San Diego for nose job specialists, such as Alexander Cosmetic Surgery.

You can find information on many cosmetic surgeons available on the Internet, specifically the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. After your research on the qualifications and certifications of your potential doctor, make an appointment to see your doctor to assure yourself that you are in the hands of a board-certified surgeon who can give you the best treatment

Determine exactly what you want before your meeting with the doctor. Do you just want a bit of nip and tuck to remove wrinkles or do you want something more drastic? What shape of nose do you want? Knowing the specifics and being able to present your ideas will put both of you on the same page, and avoid any misunderstandings later on.

As the old saying goes, measure twice to cut once and you won’t have to do a repeat of your cosmetic surgery just to fix things. Be prepared beforehand and then you can relax as much knowing that everyone on board is working to help you fulfill your goal for the surgery.
(Source: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having Plastic Surgery, The Huffington Post, May 5, 2013)

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