Before Getting a Facelift in San Diego, Consider Your Motivations

Looking good is everything in a world that values appearance above a lot of other attributes. It’s no wonder then that getting a facelift in San Diego has become somewhat commonplace. However, if anyone decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it’s always best for them to consider their own motivations for doing so before committing to the process.

more people are getting plastic surgery to look better in selfies

A story on Eyewitness News 3 focused on the rise of the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures simply because of the one thing that has become a part of everyday life: the selfie.


[A cosmetic surgeon in] Middletown said ever since selfies became popular, more patients are looking to get a nip and tuck.


“Sometimes they get a little too obsessed with looking at themselves and especially with the close-ups,” [he] said.


According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were more than 11 million cosmetic procedures performed last year in the United States. That’s the largest amount of surgeries since the 2008 recession and it wasn’t cheap.


While looking good for a selfie might sound like a great reason to undergo a cosmetic procedure, cosmetic surgeons always make it a point to examine their clients’ motivations before putting them under the knife. With this recent camera-phone-motivated trend, surgeons are concerned that some patients might just be hunting for imperfections.


At first glance, you might think that cosmetic surgeons would be pleased that more patients are seeking their assistance. However, as doctors, they also need to assess each situation carefully before they decide to take a patient on.


When a patient is looking for help with a problem that isn’t actually there—a problem that they are simply making up in their head—then, per medical ethics, a cosmetic surgeon might need to turn them away. Otherwise, subjecting a person whose issues about their appearance may not be well-founded to an appearance-altering procedure could result in making the initial concern worse, thereby putting the surgeon’s conduct into question. It’s also best to remember that many cosmetic procedures are irreversible.


If you’re thinking about taking up plastic surgery because you think you don’t look good in your pictures, cosmetic surgeons advise that you put down your phone for a while, stop taking selfies, and give the idea of going under the knife a lot more thought. If, after contemplation, you still feel that heading down to San Diego for nose job work, eyelid surgery, or hair transplants would be right for you, then do so with confidence and sufficient knowledge.


(Source: More people are getting plastic surgery to look better in selfies, Eyewitness News 3, June 10, 2014)

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