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Can Facial Implants Help You Look Younger?

Though we’re undoubtedly grateful that gravity keeps our feet on the ground, we’d all prefer if it didn’t exert such a downward pull on the rest of our bodies, especially the face. Today’s many advances in cosmetic procedures offer a … Continue reading

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Introducing Your New Look for the New Year

It happens every year: as New Year’s Eve approaches, we struggle to come up with resolutions we can actually keep. Many of my patients resolve to take better care of themselves in the new year, and an important part of … Continue reading

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Facial Procedures: The New Trend for Men

Cosmetic surgery used to be performed almost exclusively for women, but today we see a lot more men walking through our doors. Many men are interested in facial cosmetic procedures, with facelifts and other facial rejuvenation treatments being the most … Continue reading

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QuickLift™ vs. Face Lift

At my practice, I offer both the QuickLift™ and the traditional face lift for my patients. While both can help you look younger and more refreshed without looking “done,” there are some very big differences between the two procedures. Here’s … Continue reading

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3 Factors in Cosmetic Surgery Costs

At our San Diego cosmetic surgery practice, we are very open with our patients about absolute transparency of cost when it comes to the bottom line for their surgery. Not all plastic surgeons are quite so clear. Here’s a closer … Continue reading

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Top 3 Male Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Minimizing the major signs of facial aging is becoming more popular among men struggling in an increasingly competitive California job market. Many older men have concerns about looking outdated next to their younger colleagues, which has led to an increase … Continue reading

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Can Texting Cause “Turkey Neck?”

As convenient as smartphones may be, constantly craning your neck down to check your text messages and play games on your mobile device could contribute to the dreaded “turkey neck.” If the skin on your neck is starting to develop … Continue reading

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Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Facelift Questions

Since it’s one of the most popular procedures at our practice in San Diego, our facelift patients often come in asking many of the same questions. Here are answers to the three we hear most often. How long until I … Continue reading

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