Facial Procedures: The New Trend for Men

Cosmetic surgery used to be performed almost exclusively for women, but today we see a lot more men walking through our doors. Many men are interested in facial cosmetic procedures, with facelifts and other facial rejuvenation treatments being the most popular treatments right now.

Changing Looks for Changing Times

The masculine ideal of attractiveness is always changing, but stronger, more well-defined features never seem to go out of style. Rhinoplasty can create an improved nose shape, and men are also interested in enhancing their facial structure with cheek and chin implants for a more masculine look.

Another one of the reasons men are updating their appearance is to stay competitive in a tough economic climate. The job market remains challenging, particularly for older men who are closer to retirement. Concerns over wanting to ensure that they look relevant in an ever-younger work force have led a number of men to consider minimally invasive procedures like BOTOX® to take a few years off their age.

Regardless of your specific motivations for pursuing cosmetic surgery, the focus is on bringing out the best in your unique features, not in creating cookie-cutter profiles that all look the same. Men are embracing their individuality, and part of this is using cosmetic procedures to make the most out of their natural good looks.

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