Facial Rejuvenation from San Diego Facelift Surgeons Safe, Says Study

People who search for worry-free ways to make an aging face look and feel younger can now breathe a sigh of relief. Experts have proven that total facial rejuvenation can safely do more than just a facelift. As reported in the News-Medical.net, studies have proven that the three-pronged procedure yields positive results with no harmful side effects:

Total facial rejuvenation, which combines an extensive facelift to tighten skin and muscle; specialized, midface implants to restore fullness; and laser resurfacing to reduce skin’s irregular texture and discoloration, can be safely performed at one time, reports Dr. Achih H. Chen, facial plastic surgeon.

Surgeons have been concerned that…trauma to surface and underlying tissues might result in skin loss and other problems.

However, the review of 21 women age 58 to 71 showed they experienced normal wound healing, producing a new top layer of skin and wearing makeup again within two weeks. There were no reported complications…

As mentioned in the article, cosmetic surgery professionals initially worried that all three processes could somehow traumatize the skin and lead to complications. However, patients responded well to the treatment and healed normally, much to the delight of businesses like Alexander Cosmetic Surgery which specialize in total facial rejuvenation.

facial rejuvenation to address multiple signs of aging can be performed safely at 1 time

Safe approach
According to the lead surgeon of a study, combining the three procedures was only made possible by the refinements in laser technology and surgery techniques. This combination has reduced the down time for the patient and the overall time it takes to perform all three. It has also proven to be a safe approach.

Caution against excess tightening
Surgeons in the study, however, continue to caution patients against excessive facial tightening. Although tightening does reverse the appearance of sagging features, too much of it will create an unnatural look for the patient. The key element here would be the upward and outward direction of the facelift that San Diego cosmetic surgeons will perform.

Protection from the sun
It also goes without saying that patients need to live a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care in order to maintain their rejuvenated glow. Caring for skin doesn’t just mean cleaning and exfoliating; it also means protecting the skin from its most vicious enemy: the sun. Hence, it’s critical to wear sunscreen of at least 30 SPF on cloudy days and even in winter time (ultraviolet can be reflected by snowy landscapes), and make it a point to moisturize day and night.

Getting a San Diego facelift or facial rejuvenation from centers like Alexander Cosmetic Surgery is a safe way to regain or maintain your youthful look. Combined with the right diet and adequate rest, you’ll surely wake up each day with a few years missing.

(Source: “Facial rejuvenation to address multiple signs of aging face can be performed safely at 1 time”, 09 September 2014, News-Medical.net)

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