Introducing Your New Look for the New Year

112040893It happens every year: as New Year’s Eve approaches, we struggle to come up with resolutions we can actually keep. Many of my patients resolve to take better care of themselves in the new year, and an important part of feeling better is looking great too. There are a number of nonsurgical cosmetic options like JUVÉDERM® facial filler and BOTOX® Cosmetic available to improve your appearance quickly and with little downtime.

Minor Procedure, Major Transformation

Nonsurgical alternatives to traditional facelift surgeries can leave your skin with a smoother, younger appearance. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, your friends may wonder how you actually turned the clock back.

Injectable fillers like JUVÉDERM® can deliver impressive results. These fillers reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles, restoring a more refreshed look to your reflection. BOTOX® helps prevent the further development of dynamic wrinkles and creases that occur because of repeated facial muscle movement. When used together as a liquid facelift, these products can take years off your age without surgery, giving you a rejuvenated look that is more subtle than a surgical facelift yet still very effective.

A Resolution You Can Keep

If you’re tired of looking tired, there is an array of nonsurgical alternatives to a full facelift that can leave you looking revitalized, renewed, and ready to start the New Year fresh. It’s far too easy to get overwhelmed by life’s many responsibilities while neglecting your own needs. This year, resolve to be kinder to yourself by giving yourself the gift of looking better. With excellent nonsurgical alternatives to more traditional facelift surgery, it’s now easier to combat those telling signs of aging.

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