Tips for a Productive Recovery after Breast Surgery

The recovery period following a breast augmentation or breast lift needs to be planned and scheduled just like the breast enhancement procedure itself. Here in San Diego, women who choose augmentation are often excited to show off their new curves on our coastline, planning their surgeries for late spring. Are a few weeks really enough time to heal before swim season? What are some ways to promote healing after a breast lift or augmentation to ensure that your new look will be ready for your planned unveiling?

Planning Ahead

Most of us live very full lives, between work and family and our personal hobbies and daily activities. No one feels they can afford to take significant time away from their “real” lives to recover from an augmentation, lift or other breast enhancement. In some cases, employers may not offer enough vacation or sick time to cover elective surgeries. Consider talking to your employer about telecommuting, if that’s a viable option for your job, during your recovery weeks.

Making the Time

Before planning your procedure, take a look at the entire process from start to finish. There may be several weeks between your initial consultation and your surgery, or you may have more than one consultation that needs to be scheduled.

After your procedure, plan for at least a couple weeks of downtime where you won’t feel like doing very much. If you heal more quickly than that, then you have a little extra time to play with. Or, if you’re healing more slowly, you won’t feel stressed or rushed, two factors which can themselves impede the recovery process. So, for example, if you want to look perfect by summer, consider breast augmentation in January or February to allow plenty of healing time. Most of all, just give your body the time and space it needs to heal.

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