Patient Question: Can Liposuction Treat Multiple Areas?

For the majority of patients here in San Diego, liposuction is performed on several areas of the body. After all, most of us have a few (or more) problem areas where we could stand to lose those resistant fat deposits that linger despite changes in diet or exercise.

Typical examples include both abdomen and thighs, or upper arms and chest. Facial liposuction also usually involves more than one area simultaneously, usually the neck, chin and jowls. In our male patients, the love handles and abdomen are commonly treated at the same time. Although there are many benefits to liposuction, there are some factors to consider before booking your appointment.

Risks and Rewards

Results are typically more comprehensive when liposuction is done in multiple target areas rather than just one. For example, if abdominal sculpting is the goal, it’s easy to see how sculpting not just the abdomen but also the upper thighs and hips and even buttocks can lead to a mini-makeover for your entire lower body. Plus, you’ll only have one appointment to remember, and only undergo a single recovery period.

However, patients should be aware that treating more areas does mean a somewhat longer procedure overall, which potentially increases surgical risks, especially if full anesthesia will be required as a result. Additionally, the recovery process may take a bit longer with more treatment areas that need to heal up, and patients may feel more bruised and swollen than if a single area alone had been treated.

Your liposuction strategy comes down to a personal choice that’s between you and your surgeon, so be sure to keep all the pros and cons in mind as you move forward with your consultation.

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