The Best Candidates for Cheek Enhancement

200275404-001If you wish that your face had just a little more definition, you’re not alone. These days, stronger facial features are one of the hallmarks of modern attractiveness, both for men and for women. Could you be a candidate for cheek enhancement?
The Importance of Facial Structure
Bone structure plays a major role in your appearance, along with the placement of soft tissue throughout the face and your skin tone as well. More prominent definition in the cheeks can create improved balance among the facial features. The best candidates for cheek enhancement typically have specific concerns about their appearance:

  • Cheek structure appears too flat for the rest of the face due to bone structure
  • Soft tissue volume in the mid face has diminished with age, causing loss of definition
  • Hollowness in the cheek and mid face area creates a prematurely aged appearance

Cheek enhancement offers the ideal solution for those men and women who notice an imbalance in their facial features due to one or more of these qualities. And, of course, cheeks that feel a bit too prominent can also be reduced through surgery.
Making a Change
There are a number of options for cheek enhancement, from temporary dermal fillers to permanent facial implants. A surgical cheek lift may be enough to restore the natural contours of your face for increased definition. Sometimes, one or more of these procedures may be included as part of a traditional facelift. If you think your cheeks need a little extra love, schedule a consultation today to see if you could be a good candidate for cheek enhancement.

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