The Most Important Part of Your Face

174566773Have you ever noticed how one crooked picture frame can make a whole wall look off-kilter? By adjusting that single frame ever so slightly, the whole wall is brought into balance. This is the principle behind facial contouring surgeries: by finely adjusting the contours of certain facial features, your entire face can be transformed.

The most important part of your face isn’t any one single feature. It’s how all your features work together in harmony, reflecting the beauty that is uniquely yours. The best plastic surgeons will consider the full picture, not just one feature at a time. In my practice, I use cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, facial fillers, eyelid surgery and more to ensure that individual aspects of your facial structure complement each other.

The Nose

A prominent or crooked nose can define the face, even when the rest of a person’s facial features have a good balance and shape. Rhinoplasty surgery can reshape the nose and resize it to better suit your facial proportions. Symmetry is a crucial element of facial aesthetics, and rhinoplasty can be an excellent solution to the problem of an overly large, crooked, or misshapen nose.

The Chin

The size of your chin is another important component of facial harmony. If you feel self-conscious about a chin that is either too noticeable or recessive, chin reshaping helps balance the facial features and maximize beauty. I often have patients who benefit from a combination of rhinoplasty and chin reshaping.

The Eyes

The eyes are a center point of expression and attention. Facial aging can cause sagging skin above the eyes and bags below the eyes that make a person seem tired, dull or even upset. A bright, vibrant eye can go a long way toward ensuring that a person looks healthy and youthful.

The Cheeks

Cheek enhancement can pull the whole look together by changing the shape or position of cheeks. I use implants and fillers to add fullness to sunken cheeks; a mid face lift is another option for restoring fullness and correcting sagging through the cheek area.

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