Top 3 BOTOX® Treatment Areas

saggyeyesLast year, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections were the number one nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for both men and women in the United States, and it’s no wonder. The results are impressive and help patients look years younger almost immediately, yet without the downtime that’s associated with facelifts or other cosmetic surgery.

There are two primary qualities that can help you have a great BOTOX® experience: the right injector, and the right wrinkles. Where do the best plastic surgeons target your BOTOX® treatment to do the most good?

1. Crow’s Feet
The fine lines that appear at the outer corners of the eyes are often one of the first giveaways of your true age, and won’t be resolved through eyelid surgery. Luckily, crow’s feet respond quite nicely to BOTOX®. Through a few quick injections, these tiny lines are erased for a smoother, less “crinkly” look when you smile.

2. Frown Lines
The one or two vertical lines that appear right between your brows over the bridge of the nose can make you look serious, frowning or full-on angry even when your face is at rest. BOTOX® temporarily freezes the responsible muscles in place, giving the muscles and resulting wrinkles a chance to relax. For deeper frown lines, a combination of BOTOX® and injectable fillers can make a big improvement.

3. Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles
The deepening lines running the long way across the forehead are another great place for BOTOX® treatment. The best plastic surgeons are skilled injectors who will be able to minimize the signs of aging while still preserving ample muscle function for a full range of facial expressions.

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