Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Facelift Questions

Since it’s one of the most popular procedures at our practice in San Diego, our facelift patients often come in asking many of the same questions. Here are answers to the three we hear most often.

How long until I can be out and about?

As with any surgery, one of the primary patient concerns when considering a facelift is how long they’ll have to wait until they can show off their new look. Although the answer varies from patient to patient just as recovery time does, the rough estimate is about two weeks. Although you won’t be ready to grace any magazine covers just yet, most of the swelling and bruising will have dissipated, at least enough that the rest can be disguised with some make-up.

Will I look “done”?

The goal of a facelift isn’t to make you look like you’re in your twenties. Instead, we want you to look refreshed and energized. The surgery delivers a look that is subtle enough to remain discreet, yet dramatic enough to make a positive impact. A lot of this comes down to the skill level of the surgeon you choose. San Diego cosmetic surgeon Dr. John T. Alexander has a stellar reputation in the community and has achieved outstanding results for his patients.

How do I find the best surgeon?

The key to finding the best surgeon is to research, research, research. Ask for recommendations from friends or family, or look online for a practice that feels positive to you. You should also request to look at before and after photos of actual patients, and focus on those who have the same issues you’d like to see fixed on yourself. Most of all, you want the right balance of board certifications and professional qualifications combined with a personal, comfortable connection.

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