Why Is Liposuction So Popular?

At our practice, liposuction is undeniably one of the cosmetic surgery procedures that my patients request the most. I used to think that this was because our perfect weather and beautiful beaches led to an increase in swimwear and other revealing fashions year-round. Yet, statistics show that liposuction is popular nationwide, not just here in La Jolla. Just what is it that makes liposuction so great?

Real Results

If you have prominent love handles or stubborn belly fat that remains resistant to diet or exercise, you know exactly the kind of frustration that occurs when you just can’t change the shape of your body the way you want to. If weight loss is a primary goal, it can be even more upsetting when the target weight is reached but you’re still unhappy with the way your body looks because of unsightly fat deposits.

For both of these issues, liposuction can provide the perfect solution. Performed as an outpatient procedure, I can use liposuction to sculpt your body into slimmer, more aesthetic lines, eliminating those pockets of fat that even targeted exercises often don’t impact. You don’t need to schedule the same amount of time out of your busy life as you would for a traditional surgery, yet the results will make an unmistakable difference in your appearance.

The bottom line for liposuction is that this procedure delivers real results, resolving problem areas that have frustrated most of my patients for years. And on top of that, you’ll see an improvement in your body immediately, and a permanent shape in your silhouette. That combination alone is enough to explain the liposuction fan club!

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